Junko Miura is a great Ikebana professional.

Her choice of flowers and her creativity make each Ikebana a masterpiece. Ms. Miura’s amazing flower Arrangements earn high praise from our guests and give our residence a nice Japanese touch.

Every week I have the pleasure and privilege to admire a new Ikebana. Each one is different and each one brings the joy of the season into our residence.

Mrs. Corinne Yoshikawa
Spouse of Permanent Representative of Japan
to the United Nation.

"As a prestige beauty company with a rich history in Japanese culture, we are consistently inspired by Junko Miura’s Ikebana floral arrangements. Over the years, we have partnered with Junko and Ikebana Flowers for many of our press launches and influential events. Junko always manages to impress with her original and unique floral designs. She is a true artist and a consummate professional, paying attention to the finest of detail and always exceeding our expectations. I highly recommend Ikebana Flowers for one-of-a-kind arrangements with a clean, modern, Japanese sensibility."

Nicole Lynn Cardillo
Executive Director of Communications and Social Media
Shiseido Cosmetics America

Junko is a highly respected instructor for the New York Botanical Garden. She is dedicated to teaching Ikebana and the students love both her demeanor in the classroom and her superb technical skills.

Duncan Himmelman
Ph.D. Program Manager Adult Education

The animation the event brings to the salesfloor is both elegant and exciting! Our clients enjoy watching Junko’s expertise in crafting beautiful Ikebana floral arrangements.

These events are by far my favorite and Junko and staff are wonderful partners.

Jo Ann Cuchel
Account Executive HQ Specialty
BVLGARI Corporation of America

Junko Miura creates beautiful and original arrangements; I love them. People I have sent them to love them, and they always remember them, because they are like nothing else.

Matthew Weinstein

Junko's arrangements are sensitive and yet extremely bold. She is one in a million.

Julian Cihi

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