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Junko is a second-generation Ikebana master. She also has an extensive background in art and fashion design. Junko Miura's award winning Ikebana creations make her one of New York's most acclaimed Ikebana artists and sought-after floral designer. She teaches classes at he Chelsea studio, and sometimes gives classes at the New York Botanical Garden and the Flower School New York by Michael George.




Introduction to Ikebana (Single lesson for 3 hours)
Begin to explore the basic concepts of Ikebana flower arrangements, history of tradition and Japanese philosophy behind these beautiful pieces. Hands-on instruction of Moribana Style for beginner experienced practitioners. Learn to compose which encompasses basic Ikebana techniques, harmony and balance.

Basics Moribana Style of Ikebana (5 sessions / 2 hours each)
Lessons explore a main style of Ikebana, Moribana by 19th century, "piled-up flowers". The vase is always wide and shallow holding a harmonious combination of branches and flowers. This course teaches the foundation for the simplicity and beauty of Ikebana. Take in hand full your flowers.

Basics Nageire Style of Ikebana (5 sessions / 2 hours each) Nageire Ikebana creations are characterized for Flung Flowers by 16th century. The vase is tall and narrow mouthed. Inventive simple devices are made from the flowers themselves to give form and grace to the arrangement. You will find Nageire techniques your most useful tip in any flower arranging. Take in hand full your flowers.

Master Basics Ikebana Series (5 sessions / 2 hours each)
An eclectic approach where the formal and highly technical elements of Moribana Style, Nageire and Seika styles by 16th - 20th century in Japan

Jun – Fusion (5 sessions / 2.5 hours each)
An unique and original style developed by Master Ikebana Junko Miura. This course is a blending of the ancient Ikebana art combined with western arangement. This marriage of eastern and western cultures and styles opens up endless avenues of artistic expression.


MASTER COURSE (Total 87 Sessions)

The most intensive courses for designer or Instructor which curriculum is covering all category flower arrangements : Japanese Ikebana, Western arrangement and JUN's Fusion, Wedding and Grand Scale Designs etc that has three levels, Basics, Intermediate and Advance.

*Short cut lesson should be possible / Twice a week or as Intensive Course




Progressive practice for profession or abroad student who journey to career change.

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