about Junko Miura

Ikebana is the revered traditional Japanese art of flower arrangement.

Junko Miura is a second-generation Ikenobo-Seigetsuha Ikebana Master who granted the exclusive use of the honorary title "Shojun". She also has an extensive background in fine art and fashion design, and experimented in the creation of new artistic expressions using Ikebana as the foundation.

Ikebana Master Junko Miura has developed a personal style that adapts the basic concepts of ancient art with the demands of western architecture and sense of space, it's the perfect blend of east meets west, called Jun- Fusion. This original and unique combination of culture and aesthetics has opened new avenues of expression for her and a keen interest by the New York public.

Junko Miura's award winning Ikebana creations make her one of New York's most acclaimed Ikebana artists and sought-after floral designer.


All events whether large or small will be treated with the same enthusiasm and attention. Junko's unique Demonstration or 10-minut work shop is a perfect compliment to the diversity and energy at cooperative event.

Richmond Botanical Garden




New York Botanical Garden Orchid show















Orchid Show at Rockefeller Center

Best Ikebana 2004
Best Ikebana and Best Display 2002











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