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Sumi & flowers
Dried Flower with Hand Painting

Ikebana is the revered traditional Japanese art of flower arrangement.

The simplicity and beauty of Ikebana floral creations transform any space with artistry.

Ikebana Master & international designer, Junko Miura has enhanced the delicacy of the Ikebana art form with the vibrant energy of her adopted city, New York. This marriage of eastern and western cultures and styles opens up endless avenues of artistic expression.

Sumi is wood charcoal (100%) , manufactured in Japan for over 1,300 years. This combination's the focus is the adaptability of very large ideas, such as with Sumi and flowers, enhancing our vision of
how this particular art arrangement brings harmony to a large modern city environment.

An illusion of the highest grandeur.

Unlike faux flowers, these are real hand painted dried flowers with an enigmatic punch or funky fresh feel. Occasionally desired as.....



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